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The actual ratio of non-inflatable dolls, men's health products, women's new dolls, men's adult toys, 32.6In丨50.7 pounds(Original price $859.99)

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  • ★★★★★Ultra-realistic structure-ultra-safe material-dual channel-discreet packaging, bringing you a variety of experiences.
  • ★Soft, real dual-channel and super sucking special internal wrinkles will tightly wrap your hair and continue to make your hair grow. Realistic particles and wavy wrinkles lick and suck you!
  • ★3D realistic interior design-insert two ribbed passages of any length and add a large number of particles to create a strong sense of pleasure when inserted.
  • ★Easy to clean, can be washed directly with water or soap.
  • ★The product is made of super soft high-quality human-safe TPE material, with a soft skin feel and safe quality assurance.