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SmartBike™ Magical Electric Bike

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Although bicycles have been around for decades, wheel configurations without hubs (or "centerless wheels") have recently become more popular in the motorcycle and electric bicycle fields. Although in theory, they provide less moment of inertia, less unsprung weight and better braking performance, the biggest selling point of hubless wheel configuration is undoubtedly its undeniable fashion and futuristic beauty. . In order to stand out from the competition, Technologies rely on wheel configurations without hubs to create the ultimate modern electric bicycle.


  • Powerful electric motor: The bicycle is powered by a 750-watt hubless electric drive system.
  • Large-capacity battery: powered by a 48V lithium-ion battery, it can be fully charged in three hours, and the driving range is 37 miles.
  • Speed: As a class 2 electric bicycle, the maximum speed is limited to 25 mph.
  • Body material: The aluminum alloy frame is combined with an impact-resistant ABS body and a 27.5-inch lightweight wheel set without wheels, making the bike weigh only 65 pounds.
  • High-brightness car lights: 800 lumens LED lights before and after the wheels are used as headlights, taillights and turn signals,
  • High-tech: Ignition device unlocked by fingerprint scanner,
  • Anti-theft system: GPS anti-theft lock and padlock system connected with the application further improve security.

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